Why are we still pretending porn is harmless?

Meghan Murphy speaks with Rebecca Whisnant about the harms of porn and why those of us who challenge it are dismissed so readily.


Pornography has been blamed for destroying our minds and our sex lives. Some even say porn is addictive. But, what does the science say? To find out Wendy Zukerman speaks to Dr. Russell Pratt, Dr Simone Kühn, Prof. Brian McNair and anti-porn campaigner Gabriel Deem.

Porn’s “Butterfly Effect”: A New Podcast Exposes Porn’s Unexpected Consequences

Lisa Ann, a porn star, is used to being recognized in public by adults. But now children as young as age 12 stop her and ask, “Can we f—?” This is just one of the stories illustrating the (perhaps) unforeseen consequences of cheap Internet porn on children, adults, and communities across the globe that are featured in a fascinating new podcast, The Butterfly Effect.

Gail Dines – Make Love Not Porn (N76)

Gail Dines is a professor of sociology and women’s studies. She has been studying porn and its effects on society for over 20 years, and has become one of the world’s leading anti-porn activists. Why has she dedicated so much of her life to this one issue? Because she believes the effects of porn is one of society’s main public health issues.

Ep 67 – A horrible antidote for responsibilities

We got into porn thinking it will offer a brief escape from our drudgery but unfortunately it became an antidote for responsibilities themselves. This episode discusses how porn is not the escape we should be looking for.